A Story of the Word

‘Untitled’, 2003 – (275 ceramic letters - Installation)

‘Untitled’, 2003 – (275 ceramic letters - Installation)

A Story of The Word 

This project reflects on the intersection of art and language.  I concentrate on the various states which words can take: ‘Word’ can be spoken, written, translated, repeated, listened, erased, rewritten etc. I have been looking at the different types of space that language can occupy and the tantalising fact that language can be both material and devoid of materiality: Written and spoken or thought.

 In some of my pieces for this project I have used fragmented texts; extracted from books. These texts carry the mark of belonging exclusively to the finite book space – the book has been their container through the ages. In the work, these texts are taken from their context, breaking the traditional container and exploring the diversity of the implicit dialogue between the objects, (the letters and texts), and the space where they are placed.