Old Masters & Irregular verbs

In ‘Old Masters and Irregular verbs’ a random collection of old slides are paired with a list of irregular verbs. As the images and words succeed and overlap in arbitrary combinations, the viewer experiments with multiple interpretations.

Dysfunctional Lessons: Lesson 1

In my experiments I used basic ‘infantile’ knowledge, (things that we learnt as kids) such as nursery rhymes and simple instructions of how to do things like folding a paper boat (fig. 3). These activities all required an element of learning or more specifically re-learning, as the supposedly familiar content was presented anew in a different language or as a mistranslated instruction. 

Based on the game of Chinese Whispers, participants were asked ‘to learn’ the initial song. They listened, and were then recorded re-singing the phrase. 

'Dysfunctional lessons': Lesson 2