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In what way can error and mistakes be used in the creative process? Exploring : processes of learning, understanding and misunderstanding
Inverting Processes
Creative Process


I envisage creating a series of activities that will develop and explore the creative process engaging and making through error. I’m planning on creating a series of objects and tools to make mistakes, which ideally would be used in the activities or workshops. When I developed my initial proposal for my previous module I envisaged these activities, to run as of a PDS for teachers, but this is flexible and could be adapted to other audiences. 


In 1913 Marcel Duchamp created the work 3 Standard Stoppages. He dropped three one-metre pieces of string onto canvas, gluing them where they fell.

The work reverberates throughout twentieth century art as a major moment of departure. Art broke new ground, not only in the labour of the artist but through the act of chance. This development also called into question Art’s ‘grand narrative’ by claiming as much artistic value in a random event, as in a carefully considered Modernist work of art. Art became everything and nothing at once.

Work in progress : Studio week /  Easter